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Buying a luxury vehicle outright might not be the preferred option for some or it might be a challenge for others, and this is the reason why we offer various finance options to help you get in a Jaguar quickly. Our finance specialists at Jaguar de Québec are certified and trained to help you find the financing options that suits you best. We don't believe in a one size fits all approach, that is why we have opted for a case-by-case approach to help each customer find the terms and conditions that fit them best, whether they want to purchase or lease a vehicle.

You know what your needs and budget are, but you might not know which option is best for you. This is where our specialists come in. After examining your goals they will guide and help you find the best alternatives, whether it's financing or leasing. If you choose the financing route, the vehicle will be completely yours once you finish paying out your loan. If you choose to lease a vehicle then the ownership of the vehicle goes back to the dealership at the end of the leasing term. However, this gives you the possibility to drive a brand-new Jaguar vehicle every few years.

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