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Jaguar de Québec is your luxury Jaguar dealership located in beautiful Quebec City. Our vehicles, services, staff members, events all have the same goal: Jaguar de Québec wants to offer you a new driving experience. We offer high-end vehicles to our modern and technologically connected clientele.

We also offer top quality used vehicles that are almost as good as new. Our range of new and used vehicles caters to different lifestyles and personalities. You can also come to our Jaguar dealer in Quebec for a complete service that will ensure your vehicle is in good shape.


Our dealership is the place to visit if you're looking for the all-new Jaguar sports cars, performance SUVs or luxury compact sedans like the F-PACE, F-TYPE or XE. Plus, the all-electric I-PACE is designed for families who want to make a difference and help preserve our environment.

So there is definitely a Jaguar vehicle for every need. Our vehicles stand out from the crowd with their original design, unparalleled performance and modern safety and comfort technology. Come to our Quebec Jaguar dealership to discover, explore and test drive these luxury vehicles in Quebec City.

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JAGUAR DE QUÉBEC | Jaguar Dealership in Québec

Welcome to our Jaguar de Québec dealership in Québec City. Get ready for a totally new and exhilarating experience the first time you set foot into our dealership; it's almost like suddenly finding yourself behind the wheel of one of our exciting sports cars or sedans. Get ready to be blown away by our showroom where you can see, touch and test all of our current and new Jaguar models. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or come visit us in store at 225 Rue Étienne-Dubreuil in Quebec to experience the Jaguar de Québec difference.

At Jaguar de Québec, we are all about people: the people we serve (our customers), the people who work with us (our staff members) and the people who live in and around us (our surrounding communities). We do our best to make a positive and lasting difference in these people's lives. At our dealership you can expect an unmatched service experience. Make sure also to check our dealership news and events to get the latest updates on everything that is happening in and around our dealership.

We are also proud of the legacy and the history of the brand we represent at Jaguar de Québec. The hard work and dedication of two car enthusiasts since the dawn of the 1900s has brought us where we are today. Jaguar designs and produces high-end cars and SUVs for individuals who demand and require sophistication in the simple things of life, such as driving. Jaguar has therefore built over many years a luxury brand for sophisticated individuals.

Jaguar de Québec is the place to come to if you are looking for luxury sports cars, performance SUVs or compact luxury sports sedans for you and your family. We carry a unique inventory of Jaguar models, including the sought-after XE, E-PACE and F-PACE.

We also offer top quality used and certified pre-owned Jaguar models from this year and previous ones. Our certified pre-owned models are like new vehicles and come with many benefits that will give you peace of mind. And that's not all, we also provide numerous maintenance, repair and auto body services to help keep your vehicle on the road for years to come.

So come and visit our dealership to find the luxury vehicle that best suits you.








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